Adikuyum Adidi.
Adikuyum Adidi.

Daylight armed robber left DNA behind at crime scene

A young criminal was couch-surfing at the time he broke into a Capricorn Coast caravan park and caused damage, leaving his DNA behind.

Doing so breached a suspended sentence handed down in the Rockhampton District Court for armed robbery of the BP Service Station at Aquatic Place on August 26, 2019.

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Adikuyum Atu Marley Adidi, 19, pleaded guilty in Rockhampton Magistrates Court on January 4 to one count each of break and enter, wilful damage, common assault, and three of stealing.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Shaun Janes said Adidi broke into the Beachside Caravan Park at Yeppoon on November 4, 2020, causing damage and leaving behind his DNA.

He said $967.25 restitution was sought.

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The court heard Adidi also assaulted a woman when he stole her handbag in broad daylight, trespassed on November 7 and stole a power bank from Big W in Stockland Rockhampton on November 8. He also stole a bicycle.

Sgt Janes said Adidi also breached a two-year probation order which was handed down as part of the sentence for the BP Service Station armed robbery and other crimes.

He said Adidi failed to comply by failing to allow an officer to visit him and failed to report to probation and parole.

Sgt Janes said Adidi was also associating with prosocial and anti-social peers and moved out of the residence without telling probation and parole.

Defence lawyer Brendan Gimbert said Adidi had an eight-nine month-old son and had separated from the child's mother.

He said his client had left his mobile phone with the mother while he couch-surfed.

Mr Gimbert said Adidi had no income so was stealing to pay for food and other day-to-day needs.

He said Adidi understood there was a warrant out for his arrest so he avoided authorities.

Magistrate Philippa Beckinsale ordered Adidi to nine months prison, declared 57 days presentence custody with parole release on February 8, 2021.

She also ordered he pay restitution.


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