Annastacia Palaszczuk MP
Annastacia Palaszczuk MP Inga Williams

Letters: IR changes in Qld appeasing unions

Letters: ANNASTACIA Palaszczuk'a regime passed a new Industrial Relations Bill on June 4 this year.

This significant Bill will scrap laws requiring the Queensland Industrial Commission to consider government fiscal strategy in making determinations, and will allow greater union access to work sites.

They will also make it harder for government services to be contracted out. The effect will cost council jobs.

The laws were passed with the support of the two KAP members in exchange for a promise to mandate ethanol in fuel.

Also, the personal contact details of new public servants will be passed to the relevant unions.

One of Annastacia's first acts as Premier was to cancel the need to show ID when voting and to mandate that the Electoral Commission oversee council elections.

It appears she is determined to raise costs and to ensure the favourable outcome of elections for the current ruling elites as well as to appease the unions.


Glen Aplin