Dead teen image part of new school program

A CONTROVERSIAL video Gloria Steensen was concerned about for its use as part of the One Punch Can Kill material to be introduced in state schools has been scrapped.

Ross Thompson, from Queensland Homicide Victim's Support Group said it had been decided the video, Teen Party, would no longer be used as part of the presentation.

"When she viewed it with us earlier in the year, it was totally appropriate at the time," Mr Thompson said.

The video has been widely used in schools across Queensland as part of a total information package detailing the legal implications of actions.

Ms Steensen told the Daily she did not believe the material, which alluded to alcohol, drugs, rape and a teenager being killed by a car after a party, was suitable.

Mr Thompson said the presentation for state schools was being "reviewed" and would follow a different format.

He sent through the YouTube link of some of the new material which shows a group of teenage boys swearing and bullying a fat teenage which leads to a fight.

The boy gets punched in the head and the last footage is of him lying on the ground, eyes open.

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