Decision to operate on Bagara man 'reasonable': Coast doctor

A SECOND Sunshine Coast doctor has backed Jayant Patel's decision to operate on an elderly Bagara man but conceded the former Bundaberg surgeon faced a "dilemma".

Dr Ratna Aseervatham, surgical director at Nambour Hospital, said the decision to recommend surgery on Mervyn Morris in May, 2003, was "reasonable".

He said there was evidence Mr Morris had bled significantly and had been bleeding in the past.

But Dr Aseervatham said other options had been excluded, there was ongoing bleeding and the patient was stable when Patel made the decision to operate.

"This is one that is a dilemma," he said.

"I would have to discuss in depth with the patient and family, and discuss the downside to not doing something like a catastrophic bleed."

Dr Aseervatham was an expert witness in Patel's defence case in Brisbane Supreme Court on Tuesday.

Patel has pleaded not guilty to manslaughter, accused of performing an unnecessarily risky surgery.

He removed part of Mr Morris' colon to stop the rectal bleeding. The 75 year old died a few weeks later in post-operative care.

Crown prosecutor Peter Davis asked Dr Aseervatham whether keeping Mr Morris in hospital longer to stabilise him with further transfusions and then sending him home to be monitored was another option.

Dr Aseervatham agreed it was.The trial continues with closing addresses expected on Thursday and Friday.

The jury will likely begin deliberating next week.