Ben Matthews and Courtney Bryant on Tinder

Photo Tony Martin / Daily Mercury
Ben Matthews and Courtney Bryant on Tinder Photo Tony Martin / Daily Mercury Tony Martin

'Dehumanising' dates are killing Aussie romance

NOT exactly news to tug on heartstrings, with a study by dating site eHarmony revealing over two-thirds of Aussie singles going without a single act of romance this past year.

Even worse, close to half can't remember the last time they were wooed.

For the millennials, they of tweeting fingers and apparent social ineptitude, half of us are confused about the role of romance finding love, while two thirds of Australian singles feel the modern dating scene has become a shell of it's former self.

"In today's largely superficial dating scene, the concept of romance has become taboo in favour of 'playing it cool'," eHarmony Relationship Expert and Counsellor Desiree Spierings said.

"The research shows we all want to be swept off our feet, but we aren't dishing it out for fear of wearing our hearts on our sleeves - which in turn prohibits our date from turning up the romance dial."

The proliferation of apps, including Tinder, on the dating scene have been blamed for much of this lacklustre loving.

"Thanks to 'choice fatigue' in today's online dating environment, it's easy to focus on quantity over quality, and we sometimes forget there's a real human on the other side of our screens," eHarmony Managing Director Nicole McInnes said.

So what's the fix? Unsurprisingly, the data reveals different demographics are looking for different things.

Just spending quality time together was high on the list across the board, dwarfing other respondents who claimed their idea of romance was an expensive gift.

With an answer like that, maybe there's hope for us all.