Fraser Coast Regional Council meeting, Maryborough Chambers.
Fraser Coast Regional Council meeting, Maryborough Chambers. Valerie Horton

DEPUTY MAYOR: What your candidates would do differently

WITH the Fraser Coast Regional Council due to vote on the deputy mayor position next week, councillors are buckling down for three potential candidates to lead the way.

Councillors Denis Chapman, George Seymour and James Hansen have all expressed interest in running for the position, with Cr Rolf Light stating he would not contest the position and Cr Anne Maddern yet to announce her candidacy for the role.

Incumbent Cr George Seymour, who has held the position for the past year, said he would want to use the position to help steer the council more strategically in the future.

"We all need to start looking more strategically and planning for the future...I'd like to use the position where possible to direct the council back to planning on long-term thinking,” he said.

Cr Hansen, who has served the longest in council, stated he was yet to fully commit to running for the role due to his impending state candidacy, which would require him to step down as a councillor.

"I'm deciding whether it would be the right thing to do right now...I am considering running for state, and if elected I'd like to commit to the deputy role for the whole 12 months,” he said.

"But if elected, I'd take what I'm doing now into the position; putting people first, working with community groups and for the community.”

The 11 councillors need to come to a majority vote on one councillor before the new deputy mayor is elected.

A Chronicle poll found 56% of voters think Cr Seymour should be re-elected, followed by 17% for Cr Chapman, 9% for Cr Hansen. 12% voted for another councillor and 3% were unsure.