REVEALED: Details of council sacking, administrator's power

AN administrator will be in charge of appointing their own advisory panel to dig through the culture of the Ipswich City Council.

A public hearing was held into the Dissolution of Ipswich City Council Bill on Friday.

The Bill will go before parliament on August 21 and, once passed, will sack councillors.

The hearing revealed the appointment of an advisory panel - first reported by the QT in May - to guide the rebuilding of council would be made at the discretion of the administrator.

"Alarmingly, the hearing did not guarantee that the members of that advisory panel would be made public - instead leaving that decision up to the administrator," the Opposition's Local Government spokeswoman Ann Leahy said.

The State Government has previously said an administrator for Ipswich would not be an ex-politician or Labor member.

Ms Leahy said that should also apply to the advisory panel.

"We need the best minds on the job to sort this council out and that means no Labor cronies deserve a place on this panel," she said.

"We also heard that the administrator would only have powers to hire a CEO and no other staff, raising questions as to how the cultural change sorely needed at Ipswich Council would be achieved."