THE chances are that if you have ever grazed your knees or arms you have immediately reached for a bottle of Dettol.

Created in the 1930s, Dettol has been a mainstay on shelves across the world ever since.

The household brand has been voted the number one trusted brand in Australia in a survey conducted by Readers Digest.

Coming in second and third was Band-Aid and Panadol respectively.

Toowoomba 7 Day Pharmacy manager Colleen Barham was not surprised that health care products made the top three.

"Dettol is a household name that has been around for many years," Ms Barham said. "Big name brands stick in people's minds and they do not really change.

"We find that when people ask for a product they ask for it by name."

Ms Barham said in relation to Band-Aid and Panadol, the names now covered a vast array of products.

"Band-Aid and Panadol have definitely benefited from the abundance of different products on the market," Ms Barham said.

"The product names are well-known but they cover an array of different products made by different companies.

"In relation to Band-Aid, our customers want something that actually sticks and that may not necessarily be a Band-Aid product.

"That also is the case for Panadol."

Ms Barham said customers were always willing to support an Australian company where possible.

"I remember when Herron (paracetamol) started promoting that they were Australian owned and operated, we saw a very big spike in sales," she said.


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