An unlucky Fraser Coast resident has missed out on $50,000.
An unlucky Fraser Coast resident has missed out on $50,000.

Did you lose $50k? Unlucky Queenslander misses cash call

FAILING to answer the phone has cost one Fraser Coast resident $50,000.

Every morning, Channel 7's Sunrise breakfast television team puts a call through to a person somewhere in Australia to give them the opportunity to win the program's Cash Cow competition.

Yesterday the prize had climbed to $50,000 after several calls went unanswered last week.

A call was made to a phone number in Nikenbah on Monday morning, but one of the requirements of winning the cash includes answering the phone within three rings.

Unfortunately, the phone the team called went straight to message bank, leaving the resident with no chance of claiming the prize.

A Channel 7 spokeswoman confirmed that host Sam Armytage had announced the suburb of the unlucky resident, but the team was left disappointed when the phone failed to ring.

It's not the first time a Fraser Coast resident has missed out on a big prize after failing to answer the Cash Cow call.

In March, 2017 a River Heads woman entered the competition, but answered just as the team hung up, missing out on $90,000.

But there have been winners too - in November 2016, Hervey Bay retiree Fay Gillham won $20,000 when she raced to her phone, while Maryborough mechanic Jonathan Selby won  $30,000 thanks to Sunrise.