A man who claims he was assaulted after he hooked up with ex-reality star Suzi Taylor via a dating app will be questioned about their meeting arrangement.
A man who claims he was assaulted after he hooked up with ex-reality star Suzi Taylor via a dating app will be questioned about their meeting arrangement.

‘Did you pay for sex?’ Suzi’s alleged victim faces quizzing

A MAN who claims to be a victim of extortion by ex-Penthouse pet and one-time reality TV star Suzi Taylor will be asked whether he had agreed to pay her for sex.

Taylor is facing a series of charges, with allegations that she kicked and punched a man to steal money, after meeting him on a dating app last year.

It is alleged she attacked the man, then 33, at her New Farm home, before forcing him to hand over money.

Taylor was charged last year with extortion with intent to gain benefit, deprivation of

liberty, assault occasioning bodily harm and possessing dangerous drugs.

Deputy Chief Magistrate Janelle Magistrate today allowed lawyers for Taylor and a co-accused to cross-examine the alleged victim at a July 29 committal hearing.

Ms Brassington said the main topic for cross-examination was whether he had agreed to pay Taylor for sex and whether that was the reason he was at her unit.

She also allowed the man to be questioned about whether he refused to leave the unit when asked to by Taylor.

The man she allegedly held captive told police he met Taylor on dating apps Tinder and Plenty of Fish, court documents reveal.




She allegedly invited him to her Brisbane home "for a drink" via a message on Plenty of Fish on October 29, last year.

He told police he was shocked when Taylor told him he needed to pay for sex after she allegedly told him "Let's take this into the bedroom" in the early hours of October 30.

When he refused to pay, he claimed to police he feared he would be "killed" by Suzi or her flatmate.

He told police he was allegedly tied up with a phone charging cable by Taylor's flatmate, Ali Ebrahimi, and then beaten by Taylor and Ebrahimi as they demanded he hand over the PIN to his phone so they could withdraw money from his online bank account.

Ms Brassington said by the complainant's own admission, the dating app Plenty of Fish was being used on the night to arrange the meeting with Taylor.

But that and a Tinder app were deleted from the man's phone before he went to a police station to make a complaint the following day.

Ms Brassington allowed cross-examination to explore whether the man was meeting Taylor as part of a commercial arrangement, or whether they were meeting as "friends".

Ms Brassington said by words allegedly used by Taylor on the night, there was perhaps an expectation that some cash would be proffered for the continuation of intimate contact.

Suzi Taylor in Brisbane.
Suzi Taylor in Brisbane.

She also allowed cross-examination of a police officer about intercepts of a phone conversation Taylor had with another person.

The magistrate said during the call, there seemed to be an indication that there were applications on her phone relating to escorts.

However they were not found by police, nor were the dating apps Tinder and Plenty of Fish found on Taylor's phone, the court heard.

Taylor's lawyer, Michael Gatenby, will be allowed to question a police officer on whether the dating apps had ever been on Taylor's phone.

Ali Ebrahimi is charged with assault occasioning bodily harm, deprivation of liberty, extortion and drug possession.

Taylor, who is in custody on other charges as a result of alleged breaches of bail conditions, and Ebrahimi will face a committal hearing on July 29.

Outside court, Mr Gatenby said he planned to apply for bail for Taylor, whom he said had been suffering from mental health issues.

Mr Gatenby said there was a real contest between the defence and prosecution about the basis for the complainant being at Taylor's New Farm unit on the night of the alleged offences.

"It's certainly clear that there's commercial flavour to the arrangement and the question is, whether everyone is aware of it," he said.

Originally published as 'Did you pay for sex?' Suzi's alleged victim to face quizzing