A toddler and his parents have been airlifted from Fraser Island after a dingo attack overnight.
A toddler and his parents have been airlifted from Fraser Island after a dingo attack overnight. RACQ LifeFlight Rescue

Dingo attack should not deter visitors, says tourism boss

THE Fraser Coast's tourism chief has urged families not to be deterred from camping on Fraser Island despite the recent dingo attack.

Instead, Fraser Coast Tourism and Events General Manager Martin Simons wants visitors to be vigilant about safety and the "threats associated with a wilderness environment".

It comes after a toddler, snatched from a camper trailer on Good Friday, was released from hospital.

The child has since been released from hospital.

Mr Simons said the incident was "a warning about safe practices" but should not deter visitors.

"Since the death of a young boy in 2001 we have done a good job as a community of ensuring visitors to Fraser Island are aware of the dangers dingoes represent and how to avoid negative interactions," Mr Simons said.

"But the attack means that as a tourism marketing agency, we need to continue to work hard to ensure messages about remote camping on Fraser Island are heeded."

"Without in any way being critical of the family involved in the most recent attack, our advice to families with young children is to take advantage of the fenced camp grounds, be very vigilant when walking through bush or high risk areas and keep young children close."

The toddler was taken from the trailer - which was parked outside of the designated camping area - on Eurong Rd, at Eurong, about 12.40am on Good Friday.

A dingo was able to unclip the canvas flap of a camper trailer on Fraser Island before it snatched a sleeping 14-month-old boy and dragged him into the night.

He was rescued when his screams woke his mother and father, both aged in their late 20s. The father chased the dingo about 15m and wrestled with it to save his son's life.

The child's parents have released a statement that suggested he was expected to make a full recovery, following surgery for a fractured skull.

- Additional reporting: Chris Clarke