Dingo euthanised by rangers after attack

RANGERS will investigate whether one of the culprits in Thursday's dingo attack was also responsible for two others.

One dingo was last night euthanised by rangers but it was unclear if it was the animal in question.

The search for the second attacking dingo was continuing.

Fraser Island resident and former first responder David Anderson said the boy was lucky he hadn't been killed in the attack.

He believed one of the dingoes, identifiable by its tag, was involved in an attack on a six-year-old boy last month and a third serious incident before that.

He questioned why the aggressive dingo hadn't been euthanised the first time.

"The dingo is tagged, it's easily identified.

"This should not have happened."

The most recent incident comes after six-year-old Michael Schupanski was attacked while holidaying on the island with his family in January.

Michael was running up the hill with his mum when a pack struck.

He suffered severe puncture wounds to both his legs.

His family later said they understood the island was home to the dingoes and described the attack as "an unfortunate incident".

A Queensland Parks and Wildlife spokeswoman last night said investigations were continuing into the attack.