Fraser Island angler threatened by dingo on Easter weekend

A THREATENING incident involving a dingo on Fraser Island during the Easter period was reported to rangers after the animal displayed "dominant behaviour" toward a fisherman.

According to a spokeswoman from the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, the dingo lowered its head and approached the man just a few metres from where he was fishing in the Wyuna Creek area on April 5.

Nearby campers approached the animal in a vehicle and scared the dingo away from the fisherman.

"Rangers aim to balance the conservation of dingoes with the protection of people and have been closely monitoring the behaviour of the animal since the report," the spokeswoman said. "Easter is one of the busiest times of year on Fraser Island and also coincides with increased dingo activity, which is why QPWS increases patrols and conducts safety briefings with campers, day tourists, resort management and staff, to boost awareness."

Three other negative interactions were also reported to QPWS over the Easter period, but no injuries resulted from any of the incidents.

Two happened on Good Friday and were code C - passive behaviour or activity towards humans.

There was another code C incident on April 4 and then the code D incident involving the fisherman on Easter Sunday.

A code D incident indicates threatening behaviour towards humans - dominant/submissive testing.