OPINION: Some things money can't buy

THERE are some things money cannot buy, like our beautiful weather, scenery and relaxed lifestyle.

But is that a fair trade-off for earning less than our mates in the city?

For me, and many other people, it's an easy choice.

Should jobs pay the same regardless of location?

This poll ended on 24 May 2016.

Current Results

No, it shouldn't matter where you live, wages should be the same


Yes, it is just the way it is


I think it is fair as the cost of living is generally higher in bigger cities


I can see both sides


I'm not sure at this stage


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

The downsides of living in the city - noise, pollution, traffic - are simply not worth the extra money we would make.

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But we are the lucky ones. For others, there is no way for them to get ahead financially in regional areas.

The cost of accommodation is generally lower on the Fraser Coast than some Brisbane areas but it's not that much cheaper.

The median rental price for a three-bedroom home in Hervey Bay is $300 while in Logan, for example, it's $320.

That $20 a week difference does not make up for $10,000 a year.

And while the variety in job types does account for some of the difference, it is also clear that employers across the country simply pay according to demand.

The only way we can combat the problem is to encourage a wider variety of businesses to bloom on the Fraser Coast, and build a strong, diverse workforce.

Do you think it is fair city folk get paid more than those living in regional areas? Tell us below.