DIVISION 10: Where to find your candidates on the trail

WE asked your Division 10 candidates the following questions about their campaign and where you can find them on the campaign trail.

1. What are you doing to get your message out during the campaign? (E.g. street campaigning, setting up an office, doorknocking, etc.)

2. Are there any specific locations in or around Division 10 you will be targeting on the campaign trail?

3. Where can residents expect to see you in the coming weeks?

4. In what ways do you think your skills would help improve councils?

5. In which areas do you think council needs to improve upon?

Here's what your candidates had to say:

Richard Mott

Richard Mott - running for council in Division 10.
Richard Mott - running for council in Division 10. Alistair Brightman

1. Other than Facebook and a few signs, not a lot. Really, I don't feel the need to do much more as the results are coming in with many questions coming from the public and meetings at the markets.

2: No, as all are equally important. I will be at all the markets in person and look forward to meeting people there.

3: I will be at the pre-poll booth at the Whale Bay Marina every day and at the main booths on election day, of course.

I will always be available on my phone 0410 822 956.

4: The basis of council improvement is honesty and good management skills both of which I have displayed over the past 45 years of my working life.

5: Since George has become the new Fraser Coast mayor I think the council has grown incredibly and will keep growing. Until I have my feet under the table I really can't comment further in this brief moment.

Phil Truscott

Candidate Phil Truscott.
Candidate Phil Truscott. Contributed

1. I am doing all of above in the short time we have except setting up an office.

I have put my phone number 0452 027150 on all street signs so I am available almost 24/7.

2. No specific locations - all are as important as the next.

3. Wherever they wish to see me, just call & set up time. I can also be found on:

  • Boat Harbour Dr (opp Urangan Maccas) Fri 6 6.30-10.00am
  • Otto Merchel Park, Cnr Witt St & Esplanade Fri 6 11am-1pm/Sat 7 Pier 7-10am
  • Boat Harbour Drive (opp Urangan Maccas) Mon 9 6.30-8.00am
  • Whale Bay Marina 9-5 Mon-Fri 9-20 Jul

4. It takes ages for a councillor to learn the ropes on the council & as we only have a short time until the next election, I am the only candidate with recent experience.

I also have decades of business & financial experience.

5. Transparency to the people plus more stability so that all Councillors & staff can get on with the job.

Paul Forst


Chamber of Commerce breakfast with mayoral candidates - Paul Forst.
Candidate Paul Forst. Alistair Brightman

1. During the campaign I will be trying to get my message out by door knocking as much as I can, meeting the people, introducing myself and answering questions as best I can, as well as delivering leaflets, as I'm not as well-funded as some of the other candidates.

2. There are no specific areas that I will be targeting, I believe the whole community is important to consult with.

3. The residents can expect to see me at their front door, and hopefully on the odd news bulletin should the media be kind to me.

4. The skills that I will be bringing to the table are my very methodical ways of assessing things, very deliberate with attention to detail, as in my job if i was to cut corners or be inattentive as such people could die and/or companies can loose a lot of money for the repair and downtime which is unacceptable in any situation.

5. From what I have been hearing so far, it seems to be a huge lack of communication between council and residents, and lack of transparency which seems to lead the residents to think councillors are only in it to better themselves. So communication and transparency are the two biggest issues.

Therefore, the council really needs to work hard to dispel this myth, which is really hard when you have business owners, company owners, developers and members of political parties on a sitting council, for which I am none of these.

I only want to better the Division 10 community and contribute to the betterment of the whole of the Fraser Coast.

Lachlan Cosgrove

Candidate Lachlan Cosgrove.
Candidate Lachlan Cosgrove. Contributed

1. I am running a multifaceted campaign, from having a presence on the ground speaking to people, to sharing my approach and vision via online and digital platforms.

2. I will be aiming to reach as many Division 10 residents as possible, as soon as possible.

Everyone deserves to be heard, and have their say.

3. I hope it's in person at a public event, or whilst I'm door knocking!

If not, people can always contact me via the details on my website www.lachlancosgrove.com to arrange a meeting or call 0415 407 470.

4. I am a very strong communicator, and believe I have the advocacy skills required to get the best possible outcomes for our community.

I am also very methodical and thorough in my research and approach to getting things done.

I will do my utmost to make positivity louder in our community, and better spread the word about great community events and people on the Fraser Coast. Having worked as a media professional, I understand how to best utilise various platforms so we can attract visitors and make sure people who live here get the most out of our community.

5. George Seymour was overwhelmingly endorsed as our new Mayor on a platform of restoring stability to the Council. This means that the new Councillor for Division 10 needs to be a team player, who puts getting along with people at the centre of everything they do. Sadly, disagreement and vitriol seem to have become bedfellows in our modern world. I would like to see disagreement paired instead with respect and compromise.

I also think we need to get back to the basics when it comes to our obligation for genuine community consultation. I understand the world is changing, but I don't think we should be relying on people filling out online surveys as our only form of hearing from the broader community. People have a right to opt in or out of sharing their views - but we mustn't skew our policies based simply on any loud minority.

Brian Reckenberg

Sports Plus Expo at Hervey Bay PCYC - Brian Reckenberg and Lesley Brooks from Pialba Bowls Club.
Sports Plus Expo at Hervey Bay PCYC - Brian Reckenberg and Lesley Brooks from Pialba Bowls Club. Alistair Brightman

1. I will be available to meet people at the pier markets. Pamphlet drops will be done over the next week. I am more the happy to receive emails (breckenberg@gmail.com).

2. I will be endeavouring to cover all of Division 10 with pamphlets over the next two weeks.

3. Residents can expect to see me out and about on market day, at the pre polling booth and pounding the pavements of Division 10.

4. I am a team player that has the interests of Division 10 at heart, a good listener, negotiator and a proactive person who looks to the future.

5. Council needs to continue rebuilding the Fraser Coast brand.

Jeanette Maynes

Candidate Jeanette Maynes.
Candidate Jeanette Maynes. Contributed

1. I have a face book page at 'Jeanette Maynes for Div 10' and there are contact details and more information on my website (http://www.jeanettemaynes.com.au/).

I will be hand delivering flyers and how to vote information, door knocking and attending markets where time permits.

Please say hello or contact me if you have any exciting ideas you'd like to share or any concerns.

2. I feel all division 10 locations are as equally important.

3. I will be at pre-poll (Whale Bay Marina, Shop 5, Buccaneer Drive Urangan) each morning at 9am from next Monday if anyone would like to talk to me in person.

4. I have more than 20 years' experience and qualifications in commerce, information technology, advertising and marketing, communications, graphic and website design, tourism and hospitality plus event management.

These skills are significant, and most are utilised in the everyday operation and promotion of the council.

5. I feel there are anomalies in the current 2018/2019 rates and they appear essentially not fair and equitable; some areas are discounted to 80 per cent while other such as investment properties are now increased to 115 per cent of the general base rate.

The general base rate and water discount has also been removed.

Zane O'Keefe

Fraser Coast division 10 candidate Zane O'Keefe.
Fraser Coast division 10 candidate Zane O'Keefe. Contributed

1. I have been door-knocking homes across the division and holding mobile offices along Boat Harbour Dr.

I live in the division so it is my neighbours that I am meeting with. I think people want to see a local representing them.

2. I am seeking to look after the whole community, so I am getting right across the community, not focusing on one specific area.

3. I hope to meet as many residents as possible over the next few weeks.

I am meeting people in their homes, at the shops and at my campaign stalls.

4. I will bring to the role a commitment to community consultation and better communication.

The residents of Division 10 deserve to have a representative who lives in the division and understands its needs.

I am the only candidate that actually lives in the division. This will help me to better represent my neighbours.

I have run my own business for many years employing locals, I will bring to the council the same dedication and focus as I have to my businesses.

I will ensure that public money is well spent and where savings can be made, they are.

5. I think the council needs to improve its communication with residents.

Too often we don't hear about a project or event until after it has happened. We need a council that is actively engaged with the community in a two way conversation.

Les MucKan

Candidate Les Muckan.
Candidate Les Muckan. Contributed

If anybody wants to call me, then they've got my mobile number (0407 653 133).

I'll be out at the supermarkets and walking the streets through the campaign.