Smells Bad
Smells Bad

Doc’s pongy solution to keep socially distanced

RURAL doctors have come up with a whiffy solution to keeping socially distanced: don't wear deodorant.

Dr John Hall, President of the Rural Doctors Association of Australia that social distancing should not be forgotten as coronavirus restrictions are eased.

He also came up with a method to maintain distancing that might seem on the nose.

"Keep your distance! You could always stop wearing deodorant; this might help others stay away from you," Dr Hall said.

Of course, he may not have had the tropical climate of the Far North in mind with that one.

For those not willing to forego roll on, there are alternatives.

Cairns Happy Herb Shop manager Jilli Manning said salt blocks would bash BO but probably not keep people away.

"It kills bacteria that causes body odour," Ms Manning said.

She joked that some of the stronger aromatherapy products would tick the box - just the thing if you wanted to clear an elevator.

"Possibly some strong patchouli would work, some essential oils, just splash it around."

Originally published as Doc's pongy solution to keep socially distanced