More than 360 reports of illegal dumping have been made across the Fraser Coast.
More than 360 reports of illegal dumping have been made across the Fraser Coast.

Dodgy dumpers: Hundreds of ‘environmental vandals’ on notice

ENVIRONMENTAL vandals are being warned they face big fines if busted contributing to the Coast's illegal dumping problem.

It comes after 362 reports of illegal dumping were made to the Fraser Coast Regional Council in the past year.

Councillor Paul Truscott said those responsible faced fines of up to $2669 for individuals and more than $10,000 for corporations.

"Littering and illegal dumping is a serious issue that affects the use and enjoyment of our public spaces and our local environment," he said.

"There is no excuse for it, it's an offence and one that comes with hefty fines if caught.

"It's less than $20 to take a trailer load to the tip compared to a $2669 fine for illegal dumping.

"The council runs regular education campaigns to encourage everyone to recycle and we operate a range of waste facilities right throughout the Fraser Coast region.

"If you take the time to sort your load, you can avoid unnecessary charges as reusable, recyclable and green waste items can be disposed of for free at the council's waste facilities."

Cr Truscott said on average, at least one illegal dumping report on council-controlled roads and reserves was lodged per day.

"We live in such a beautiful place with so much wildlife, let's not ruin that with uneducated decisions to illegally dump waste," he said.

"The environmental impact of illegal dumping is significant and can range from an aesthetic nuisance to actual environmental harm to flora, fauna and wildlife, depending on the type of waste.

"Council operates CCTV and uses portable cameras to monitor illegal dumping, and in 2019/20 issued about $20,000 in fines and ordered offenders to clean up about 150 tonnes of illegally dumped waste.

"The message is simple - don't risk a fine, take your rubbish to the tip."

The unlawful deposit of any kind of domestic, commercial or industrial waste is considered illegal dumping, and is an offence.

This includes items left outside of charity bins, and green waste dumped on council land or any place without the owner/occupier's consent.

Residents are encouraged to report illegal dumping to the Department of Environment and science or Council via the call centre on 1800 79 49 29, email at