Gold Coast man given four year prison sentence for series of shocking abuse.
Gold Coast man given four year prison sentence for series of shocking abuse.

Man abused partner because he ‘didn’t like her dancing’

THE "shocking, violent and prolonged" domestic violence abuse of a woman at the hands of her former partner was detailed in the Southport District Court yesterday.

A 35-year-old Gold Coast man pleaded guilty to a slew of charges which included unlawful stalking with violence, dangerous operation of a vehicle, attempting to pervert the course of justice and ten contraventions of a domestic violence order in the Southport District Court today.

The court heard the man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, "took umbrage" with the way his former partner was dressed and dancing at a party in April 2017 so he began to abuse her.

He told her they were leaving the party, pulled her by the hair and said "you dirty f------ s---, how could you do that in front of my friends".


During a car ride to Robina, the court heard he assaulted her and threatened to run her over if she escaped from the car.

When she managed to escape, the man drove on the wrong side of the road and hit the brakes hard when he caught up to the woman.

He put her in a headlock so she couldn't breathe, threw a mobile phone at her face which split her lip, pulled her hair and threatened to kill her.

The man knocked her onto the ground at a service station which caused her to fall unconscious and walked away in the early hours of the morning without checking on her.

Police soon arrived to help the woman.

Judge Catherine Muir described the offending as a "shocking example of violent and prolonged domestic violence".

"You did not even bother to check if she was OK," Judge Muir said.

She said the man's lack of empathy continued after he was taken into custody.

From custody on May 9 the man, who was represented by Buckland Allen Criminal Lawyers yesterday, breached a domestic violence order and contacted the woman to tell her to tell authorities that he did not choke or torture her.

Judge Muir said the behaviour "strikes at the heart of the administration of justice".

She said the victim wanted to put the episode in the past and the man to move on with his life.

Judge Muir sentenced the man to a total of four years prison with the 488 days he had spent in custody considered time already served.

She set his parole eligibility date from yesterday and extended an existing domestic violence protection order for five years.