Domino's has launched The Chocoholic Dessert Pizza. Picture: Supplied
Domino's has launched The Chocoholic Dessert Pizza. Picture: Supplied

Brace yourselves, dessert pizzas are coming to Australia

BRACE yourselves, dentists - because dessert pizza has hit Australia.

Domino's officially launched its first ever dessert pizza this week with the Chocoholic Dessert Pizza.

It comes with a chocolate base, chocolate drops, chocolate fudge brownies and marshmallows, and is smothered in more chocolate and icing sugar.

While it's obviously not a health food - the pizza has a staggering 7624kJ (or 1822 calories) - Domino's CEO Australia and New Zealand Nick Knight said demand for dessert pizza was growing.

"We haven't had a dessert pizza on offer at Domino's in Australia since we launched more than 30 years ago," he said.

"We are excited about today's launch - this is a premium product that is going to meet the highest standards of chocoholics around the country, and perfectly complements a meal with friends, family or colleagues.

"The response to our latest dessert additions leave us in no doubt that Australians will love our very first Dessert Pizzas and we can't wait to hear their feedback."

The pizzas cost $9.95, and follow the launch of the chain's Free Your Flavour menu, with new ingredients including avocado and chorizo.

It also follows the recent launch of the restaurant's New York slice, which boasts 16-inch pizzas with three times the cheese of a regular pizza and eight large "foldable" slices.

Earlier this year, Domino's overhauled its menu, removing the rectangular "Chef's Best" range and standardising the size of its pizzas across three categories, Premium, Traditional and Value.