Police watching over the Lamington Bridge boat ramp.
Police watching over the Lamington Bridge boat ramp. Brendan Bufi

Don't play in floodwaters or dangerous surf, police warn

FLOODED creeks and rivers, fast flowing waterways and watercourses and churned up oceans are dangerous places to play, police have warned.

A police representative said a quick dip or a bit of fun, shouldn't end it tragedy and shouldn't risk the lives of emergency service personnel.

The representative said floodwaters contained multiple hazards and were not safe places to swim or attempt to cross.

"Contaminants such as dead and decaying animals, animal waste products, soil and oils, as well as dangerous objects such as building materials, trees and plant debris, after often found in floodwaters," the representative said.

"Still not deterred?

"How about deadly and unpredictable undercurrents that can sweep away even the strongest of swimmers?

"Please, stay away from and out of floodwaters and dangerous surf."


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