Dr Philip Nitschke .
Dr Philip Nitschke . David Thomas

'Dr Death' to host euthanasia workshop on Coast

A EUTHANSIA workshop for the elderly is coming to the Fraser Coast next month and already it has gained plenty of attention.

On February 6, Exit International director Dr Philip Nitschke will visit Bundaberg as part of his national tour after high interested indicated from the public.

Hundreds are expected to attend the workshops which give the elderly and seriously ill the chance to learn their rights and options in relation to end of life choices.

In comes shortly after Victoria passed the first assisted dying bill in 20 years.

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Exit International Legal Director Tasha Russell said she was not surprised by the demand as people wanted to have a choice.

She said despite the first assisted dying law coming into place, it was only in one jurisdiction.

"There is a hope that other states will follow, and the territories will be allowed to enact laws too, but as we have seen in Victoria, the law is incredibly restrictive and of no help to the great majority who are demanding the ability to legally die peacefully, at a time of their choosing," Ms Russell said.

"Those people left out have now gone looking for their own options, at the moment the only option is to take matters into their own hands, even in Victoria."

Ms Russell said the issue of an elective death as a fundamental right for the elderly rather than seen as a medical procedure for the terminally ill, was a change which was gaining momentum across the world.

"The world is also realising that the seriously ill, as opposed to only the terminally, are suffering too, and we can no longer let them suffer," she said.


"This year we have also seen a number of new technologies, such as Dr Nitschke's Sarco machine, providing safe and reliable options for a peaceful death available to all who are of sound mind and wish to access them."

Those who attend the first Exit 2018 workshop series will receive the most recent information on the newest end of life strategies and options.

"Those attending will hope they never need to use this information, but will leave the workshop comforted in the knowledge that if they have to end their lives they now know the best ways to put their own plans into place, without someone telling them whether they are suffering enough," Ms Russell said.

To view the full itinerary for the Exit Australian workshop series visit exitinternational.net/meetings/workshops/.