WHAT A DRAG: Melony Brests at Drag Queen Bingo on the weekend.
WHAT A DRAG: Melony Brests at Drag Queen Bingo on the weekend. Carlie Walker

Drag duo entertains crowd and raises funds for charity

RAISING money for charity has never been a drag for Matt Dunstan.

Better known as Melony Brests, he has taken Melony's Drag Queen Bingo across the state.

Last week, the show was performed at the Kondari Hotel on Friday night and the Old Sydney Hotel on Saturday.

Matt has been performing in drag for 29 years and much of it has been spent alongside his best friend and sidekick Sall Monalla.

During that time, they have raised more than $497,000 for a range of different charities.

"What started as a little bit of fun has become major ongoing fundraising," he said.

He's being doing it for decades, but Matt still loves his job.

"I still get nervous before every show, it keeps me true to what I'm doing, I think," he said. "I love being on stage."

The duo are well known on the Sunshine Coast where they are based, but Matt said they love visiting the Fraser Coast.

The two were at the Kondari Hotel earlier in the year for Valentine's Day and Matt said they had a ball.

They will return to the venue for the most romantic day of the year again next year.

Their wide range of costumes is also dazzling, with the most recent ones paying homage to Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

"We get some made and make some ourselves," Matt said.

The duo is always coming up with new ideas for the show and trying out new routines.

In between they have naughty games of bingo, with the audience encouraged to join in and play along - singing song lyrics, saying something cheeky, clapping or whistling as numbers get read out.

Melony and Sall are best friends, Matt said, and that translates on stage.

"We've done bingo together from the beginning," he said.

"She's a great gal to work with and we tend to work well together.

"We only need to look at each other to know what the other is thinking."

Matt said watching the audience was a big part of the fun for both him and Sall.

"That's the thing that brings us joy, making people laugh for a while and forget about everything else," he said.