Dramatic courthouse escape saga comes to an end

A MAN has been sentenced after his dramatic escape from the dock in the Hervey Bay courthouse last year.

Corey John Roberts pleaded guilty in Hervey Bay District Court to the escaping lawful custody charge, as well as three charges of receiving tainted property.

While facing court for the tainted property charge on November 1 last year, upon hearing he was denied bail, he scaled the barrier of the prisoner dock.

He then ran out the front door and down the stairs to the path on Queen St, where he was tasered by police.

Proceedings did not go smoothly today either as Judge Michael Rackemann scolded the prosecution for "untidy" paperwork.

He said statements of fact did not match what Roberts had pleaded to.

Court was briefly adjourned and the facts were amended.

The court heard that on September 30 last year the 28-year-old lent his car to someone who had given him drugs.

The car was later returned to him containing a range of items stolen during three different break-ins.

The stolen items included a bag with clothes in it, iPads and sets of keys.

Roberts has been in custody since November 1 last year.

The court heard Roberts suffers from epilepsy which is normally well managed.

In jail, however, this had become increasing difficult due to COVID-19 restrictions.

In his sentencing statement, Judge Rackemann said he would take into consideration that Roberts was supposed to appear via video link but an error at the correctional centre meant the Bay man was taken to the courthouse.

Now, due to increased restrictions, he would be required to remain isolated for 14 days on his return to prison.

He was sentenced to 15 months in prison for the three charges of receiving tainted property and nine months for escaping lawful custody.

He was eligible for parole today after spending more than six months behind bars.