A man was jailed for a shocking road rage incident on the Sunshine Motorway.
A man was jailed for a shocking road rage incident on the Sunshine Motorway.

Driver jailed for shocking motorway road rage

A ROAD-rage incident ended with the victim locking himself inside his car as another driver's passenger jumped on his bonnet and hurled abuse.

Driver Jessie Ryan Lovett-Willcocks was charged with dangerous operation of a motor vehicle for his involvement in the incident on the Sunshine Motorway, Mountain Creek.

He appeared on video before the Maroochydore Magistrates Court and pleaded guilty to the offence, committed on July 25.

Police prosecutor Lee Allen told the court the victim had overtaken Lovett-Willcocks, who responded by tailgating him, erratically overtaking him then repeatedly slamming on his brakes in an attempt to make the victim crash.

The court heard both vehicles were driving at about 90km/h, and at times Lovett-Willcocks' passenger was hanging out the window hurling abuse.

Senior Constable Allen said the victim pulled over on the shoulder of the Sunshine Motorway and locked his doors as Lovett-Willcocks pulled over ahead.

He said Lovett-Willcocks' passenger then got out of the vehicle, continued to abuse the victim and jumped on his bonnet before he returned to the car and Lovett-Willcocks drove off.

The victim reported the incident to police, who later questioned Lovett-Willcocks while he was serving a prison sentence for other offences.

He was sentenced to six months' jail with parole release on January 14 next year, and disqualified from driving for nine months.