Mark Lawrence Rockwell is on trial in the Townsville District Court.
Mark Lawrence Rockwell is on trial in the Townsville District Court.

Drug dealing connection in alleged samurai sword break-in

THE defence barrister of a man who allegedly broke into a Hermit Park house and threatened a teenage occupant with a Samurai sword and a replica gun has suggested an alternative explanation of the incident involving drugs.

Mark Lawrence Rockwell is on trial in the Townsville District Court for deprivation of liberty, entering a dwelling with intent by break at night and two counts of armed robbery.

Crown prosecutor William Slack told the jury that on July 19, 2016, the then 16-year-old woke to see a man he didn't know in his bedroom while he was at home alone, who demanded he search his mother's room to look for money.

Mr Slack said the teenager gave Rockwell $100 from his mother's room and $30 from his own wallet.

"Not only did the defendant demand money and order (the teenager) to ransack his mother's own room, he did all this while holding the sword and gun in a threatening manner," he said.

"And finally, after obtaining that $30 from (the teenager), the defendant told (him) to remain in his room and if he didn't do that he would be killed."

Mr Slack said the teenager armed himself with a kitchen knife and jumped on to the intruder's back, wrestling him out of the house, where he managed to pin him to the ground.

In a police interview with the teenager, who cannot be named for legal reasons, played to the court, he said he woke to see a man pointing the weapons at him.

"He said 'get the f*** out of bed right now or s***t's going to happen," he said.

The teenager told police during the interview the man told him that he didn't know his mother but had been sent by someone named Fletcher.

"Apparently my mum owed this guy $1000 or something," he said.

He also spoke of dragging the man out of the house and stabbing him with the knife in the shoulder during the struggle.

Defence barrister Michael Hibble suggested Rockwell had come to the house and the 16-year-old had tried to sell him pills.

"In fact you then grabbed the samurai sword and tried to sell it to Mr Rockwell ... you handed it to Mr Rockwell, he looked at it and he declined to purchase it," he said.

"You also then produced the gun ... and you discussed a price of $300."

But the teenager disagreed with that account.

Mr Hibble suggested the teenager got angry with Rockwell because of his refusal to buy anything and stabbed him.

The teenager said that was not true. The trial continues.