Toowoomba Courthouse Photo Bev Lacey / The Chronicle
Toowoomba Courthouse Photo Bev Lacey / The Chronicle Bev Lacey

Drug driving mum had infant child on back seat: Court

A TOOWOOMBA mother of three who was caught driving with methylamphetamine in her system and her infant child in the back seat has been handed a jail term and a berating from a Supreme Court judge.

"Ms Carter, you should be ashamed of yourself," Justice Martin Burns told 26-year-old Zara May Carter.

Prosecutor Jennifer Cameron told the court a police patrol had come upon Carter's car parked on McDougall St, Glenvale, on the morning of July 20 last year.

Her de facto partner was standing beside the car but got back in when he spotted police and the officers saw the infant child in the back seat.

After Carter tested positive for methylamphetamine, police searched her car and found a black purse secreted behind the glove box which was found to contain two bags of substance which had a total weight of 3.151g of which 2.35g was pure methylamphetamine with a purity of 74.6%, Ms Cameron said.

Also found were electronic scales and a glass pipe for smoking the drug, she said.

Carter pleaded guilty to possessing a dangerous drug above the 2g schedule and to possessing drug related utensils.

Ms Cameron said Carter had a previous offence of drug driving and a previous for possessing the drug.

Defence barrister Isaac Munsie told the court his client instructed she was 30 weeks pregnant with her fourth child and hadn't touch drugs since learning of her pregnancy.

She had used the drug days earlier, he said.

Mr Munsie said his client had "self medicated" with drugs after being in a "dark place" following the death of her uncle in January last year and then the family losing everything in a house fire some months later.

Justice Burns sentenced Carter to 15 months in jail but ordered she be released immediately on parole.