The Warrego Highway was allegedly used to transport drugs worth $110,000 to $150,000 every week.
The Warrego Highway was allegedly used to transport drugs worth $110,000 to $150,000 every week. Matthew Newton

Drug highway: Cops claim dad involved in $150k a week racket

A NEW job, new home, and new town were held up as reasons a father charged in a massive drug operation should get bail.

Brendan William Francis and his pregnant partner were both in custody after Roma police targeted him.

Police alleged Francis was part of a Warrego Highway racket supplying $110,000 to $150,000 worth of ice a week.

Police claimed 31 year-old Francis was part of an operation running narcotics from Dalby 270km to Roma.

On Wednesday, Brisbane Supreme Court heard Francis was pulled over early last month with about 134g of a crystalline substance.

Francis, who had worked in the trucking industry, was taken to Dalby watch house and bailed, but pulled over on the highway barely a week later.

Again, cops claimed they found a crystalline substance. The court heard Francis allegedly admitted the substance was ice.

Francis's barrister Adrian Braithwaite said the substance was untested.

The court heard Francis's father in Rockhampton would let him stay there - and he also had new potential work lined up.

Mr Braithwaite told the bail hearing the CQ mining-related work involved random drug tests, and would help Francis stay off drugs.

Prosecutor Victoria Adams said the Crown was worried Francis would re-offend if bailed.

"Concerningly, the trafficking period extends over a year ... the allegation is he was bringing in an average of 100g per week."

Justice John Bond said that meant the value of the drugs could be as high as $150,000 a week.

Justice Bond said Francis was accused of using a former employer's truck to bring ice and ecstasy into Roma.

He said Francis faced charges including trafficking and supply.

Justice Bond said although moving to Rockhampton was a good idea, he was not persuaded that would outweigh the risk of future offending.

Bail was refused. -NewsRegional