Glenn McRae died from a suspected drug overdose.
Glenn McRae died from a suspected drug overdose.

Drug takers told to ‘pull their head in’

LESS than three days after losing her 24-year-old son to a suspected drug overdose, Glenn Mcrae's mother has issued a stunning, heartbreaking statement.

Mr Mcrae, 24, was at the Strawberry Fields music festival at Tocumwal, in the south of NSW, at the weekend when he ingested a cocktail of illicit drugs including GHB, cocaine and MDMA.

Friends of the 24-year-old took him to the medical tent just before 1am on Sunday and told medical staff he had taken the mix of substances.

Shortly after arriving at the medical tent, Mr Mcrae went into cardiac arrest. Despite best efforts, he died just after 2am.

In a statement today, Mr Mcrae's heartbroken mum Susan said her son's death should be a "hard lesson" for everyone.

"Let this be a harsh lesson to everyone," his mum Susan said in a statement.

"People who use drugs need to pull their head in and get off the gear.

"No one is invincible, it could happen to anyone."


Glenn Mcrae who died from an overdose at the Strawberry fields music festival.
Glenn Mcrae who died from an overdose at the Strawberry fields music festival.


Mr Mcrae, of Melbourne, often posted pictures of himself at music festivals around Australia.

Since learning of his death, his friends have started posting tributes online, calling him the "sweetest, funniest" person.

"Today I lost one of my best mates," Neha Singh wrote.

"Glenn you were the most funniest, sweetest person I know. You were basically my older brother and because of you we brought a great group of people together. Our family isn't going to be the same without you but we will always cherish the memories we had with you. I love you more than you'll ever know. Rest In Peace Glenn Mcrae."

Another friend Abbey Macklan also posted an online tribute.

"Can't believe this," she said.

"You were such a quality bloke always up for a chat and a laugh. Just can't believe it was you. Rest In Peace Glenn Mcrae, I'll miss you. We all will."

Ms Macklan was later forced to post another status about her friend, calling out a fake fundraiser for Mr Mcrae's funeral.

"Can't believe I have to do this, but if anyone receives a message from an account with my name requesting you to donate to Glenn McRae's funeral fund via gogetfunding it's not me," she wrote.

"Some scum of the Earth is trying to make money off his death. Can't (believe) someone would be so disrespectful."


Mr Mcrae often went to festivals.
Mr Mcrae often went to festivals.


Mr McRae died from a suspected drug overdose.
Mr McRae died from a suspected drug overdose.


In a statement earlier this week, Strawberry Fields said it was "completely devastated" by Mr Mcrae's death.

"We would like to send our sincere condolences to his family and friends during this distressing and terribly sad time," the statement said.

"We have implemented every single harm minimisation strategy that is legally available to us, run in-depth education campaigns on the dangers of drug use, and worked closely with all stakeholders to ensure we are in the best possible position to prevent and manage an incident like this.

"However, we cannot control the choices of individual patrons. We are begging people to stop and think about the ramifications of their choices on their family and friends and to stay safe."