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Drug trafficker avoids jail time

A CONVICTED drug trafficker has managed to avoid further jail time on the back of his efforts to turn his life around.

Dylan Wilson was sentenced by Maryborough District Court Judge David Reid on Tuesday after the results of a drugs and alcohol screen were handed up by defence barrister Clare Hurley.

Wilson pleaded guilty Monday to trafficking marijuana, supplying ecstasy and a third drug-related charge between October 2018 and January last year.

Crown prosecutor Natalie Lima said Wilson made $500 a week from his illicit activities.

Arguments in mitigation and aggravation of sentence were heard Monday but Judge Reid wanted to wait on the test results before punishing Wilson.

Sentencing was initially set down for Thursday but the document was received earlier than expected.

Ms Hurley said Wilson had used drugs almost everyday since childhood but had managed to kick the habit around Australia Day 2019.

The test results showed the 33-year-old was clean.

Judge Reid commended Wilson for finding full-time work at a recycling centre.

“Sending you back to prison might undermine the steps you have already taken,” he said.

Wilson was sentenced to three years imprisonment for the trafficking charge and six months for supplying ecstasy.

Both sentences were immediately suspended and an operational period of four years was imposed.

“If you do anything wrong in that time you could find yourself locked up,” said Judge Reid.

Wilson was not further punished on the third charge.