Drug user didn’t know what was in clip-seal bags

When police discovered to clip-seal bags of a white powder in the kitchen, the owner didn’t know whether it was cocaine or methamphetamines.

Sandra Ann Graham, 42, pleaded guilty on January 4 in Rockhampton Magistrates Court to one count each of possessing a dangerous drug and possessing drug utensils.

Police prosecutor Clancy Fox said police executed a search warrant on a Campbell St address at 8am on November 25 with Graham being one of six people at the residence.

He said police located two clip-seal bags containing white powder in a kitchen cupboard.

Mr Fox said Graham told police she didn’t know if it was cocaine or methamphetamines in the bags as she used both.

He said two glass pipes, a bong and grinder were also located.

Defence lawyer Brendan Gimbert said his client, who used to work as a nurse, turned to drug use after the death of her parents, followed by her brother’s death a year later and her son’s shortly afterwards.

He said she had been to a rehabilitation centre in Toowoomba before relocating to Rockhampton.

Graham was on a suspended sentence at the time of the drug offence.

Magistrate John Milburn activated the nine-month suspended sentence and gave her immediate parole along with a fine of $800.