The mother tried to intervene in the argument and was pushed away and punched in the face by the teenager. (Photo: FILE)
The mother tried to intervene in the argument and was pushed away and punched in the face by the teenager. (Photo: FILE)

Drunk teenager punches his mother in the face over $10

A SOUTH Burnett man has breached his domestic violence order in a horrifying physical attack on his mother just days after the order was placed on him.

The Cherbourg Magistrates Court heard the 19-year-old defendant lashed out at his mother, pushing and punching her on December 1, 2019 at 5.15pm after spending the day drinking with his sisters.

A temporary DVO was placed against the defendant on November 26, just four days before the 19-year-old got violent after drinking copious amounts of alcohol.

Police prosecutor Senior Sergeant Barry Stevens said the defendant, his mother and his two sisters had been drinking most of the day at his mother's house.

"An argument broke out between the defendant and one of his sisters over $10," he said.

"The argument became heated and (the defendant's mother) tried to intervene when the defendant pushed her away and punched her in the face.

"Police responded to the call and arrived to find the defendant sitting on the couch, observed the broken beer bottles and found the defendant was extremely intoxicated, to such an extent he couldn't specify or articulate what had actually occurred between himself, his mother and his sisters," Sgt Stevens said.

The defendant was also charged with public nuisance for his involvement in a large-scale public brawl.

"At this time there was a large fight occurring between a number of persons, police arrived to the scene and observed the defendant encouraging several people to fight with one another and yelling and swearing."

The defendant was also in court for another charge of contravention of his domestic violence order as well as a failure to appear in accordance with the undertaking.

"It is a condition of his domestic violence order that the defendant must not have a blood alcohol concentration exceeding .05 whilst interacting with the aggrieved (his mother) …," Sgt Stevens said.

"On Sunday, February 9 the defendant was arrested in regard to a warrant while he was in the presence of his mother and when breath tested he produced a result of 0.277 which is grossly intoxicated."

The 19-year-old pleaded guilty to all four charges.

Defence lawyer Tim Campion said the nature of the offences were "steeped in alcohol" to the point his client could not even speak.

"This type of offending screams for probation your honour," he said.

Magistrate Louisa Pink said she would take into account the fact he did not have a history of breaching domestic violence orders.

"You're 19, you live with your mum and you have a domestic violence order that protects your mum from you," she said. "It seems when you're drunk you do bad things … Alcohol is clearly a serious problem for you. I hope you are ashamed of punching your mother.

"Domestic violence comes with very clear laws and it will not be tolerated.

"It seems appropriate for me to try to get you some support and some help early on in your life before it becomes too late and alcohol consumes you."

She ordered the defendant be placed on a probation order, which stipulated the defendant must not offend and must attend counselling programs for period of six months.