DURING war stricken times, a young Maryborough girl channelled her feelings into poetry.

Vera Bandholz, nee Bach, enlisted in the army in 1942 as an assistant radiologist at the Greenslopes Hospital in Brisbane.

She wrote poems about her siblings and anyone she came into contact with during her day at the hospital.

Most of her writing was done during lonely nights at the training facility in Redbank.

Mrs Bandholz's son and daughter-in-law, Brian and Cheryl, came across the cockroach-eaten papers.

"When I found them, I showed Mum and she said to throw them away, but they were such nice poems we had to get them printed into a book," Cheryl said.

"When I read some of the poems, I related to them as my dad was in the war and she had really hit the nail on the head.

"I think it was her way of healing through expression.

"Some of the poems she wrote were dealing with her loneliness and others showed her anger."

Mrs Bandholz's father and uncle both fought in the First World War at Gallipoli.

Her uncle died in action and her father returned to work at Walkers.

Her brother also fought in the Second World War.

If anyone is interested in reading any of the poems, they can contact Brian and Cheryl Bandholz on 0408 712 162.

The Fighting 47th

Many a heart was heavy that day

And all eyes were turned to heaven

Vera Bandholz, 91, looks at old photos with her daughter-in-law Cheryl Bandholz.
Vera Bandholz, 91, looks at old photos with her daughter-in-law Cheryl Bandholz. Alistair Brightman

Some were only just 18

Others a little older

We couldn't find a finer bunch

Or any much bolder

They left behind those they loved most

With a determination grin

If ever they should have the chance

They'd show the Japs who'd win

And when it comes to fighting

With both the bayonet and gun

They'd show the rest of Australia

How the blasted Japs can run

For they will never sit and watch

When skies above are grey

They know this is a fight for all

No time to shirk they say

So here's to the lads in khaki

Who hail from my home town

I know from past experience

They will not let us down

As we watch a new dawn break

We look up to heaven

And pray the Lord will bring safely back

The fighting 47th

Written by Vera Bach on October 4, 1942