Dylan Penn
Dylan Penn

Dylan Penn wants to be a director

Dylan Penn wants to be a director one day.   

The 23-year-old stunner - the daughter of Sean Penn and Robin Wright - is set to make her acting debut in the horror movie 'Condemned' next year and she's also got her heart set on writing a script and taking control of a film's artistic and dramatic aspects in the future.  

Speaking in Vanity Fair magazine, she said: "I never thought about it [acting]. I like to write and I would love to be a screenwriter one day and a director. I've been writing my whole life and I try to write a little bit every day, but I don't think I'm ready to have people read what I write. I still need to work a lot on it."  

The blonde beauty, who had always ruled out breaking into the acting business, admits she was drawn to the movie after meeting with director Eli Morgan Gesner.   

She said previously: "It just seemed like it would be so much fun to make and I really wanted my first experience to be just that. Plus, three weeks in New York...in the spring...and getting paid for it?! F**k yes!"