VIBE: Marcus Dyson is excited about this year.
VIBE: Marcus Dyson is excited about this year. Matthew McInerney

Dyson: Vibe, culture, at its best this season

AUSSIE RULES: There is something different in the air at Keith Dunne Oval.

Marcus Dyson, a six-year Bay Power player and member of the senior squad for the past four, can feel it.

"It's a different year in terms of culture. It's a lot of fun. Everyone seems really excited to play footy,” Dyson said.

"The past few years have been all right but we're feeling this could be our year. It feels like a year we win it.

"It hasn't been as physical as recent years but there's plenty of competition. It's a tougher comp, like any team can win on any day. I feel it's been one of my better years as well.”

Dyson, 19, has become an integral member of the Power.

While captain Josh Wheeler is arguably the side's leader in terms of performance and impact, Dyson is just as important as a piece of the Power's puzzle.

"I started the season in the midfield, but now I start the game at centre half back and swap with Wheeler in the middle,” Dyson said. "Since we've started doing that I've started to kick a few goals.”

Dyson has kicked 14 goals this season - 10 in his past three games. He will face the ultimate test when the Power faces the Bombers tomorrow.

A grand final spot is on the line, and given the September 1 decider will be held at Torquay's Norm McLean Oval, both sides would love nothing more than to represent Hervey Bay's Aussie rules community when Hervey Bay hosts the AFL Wide Bay's biggest day.

Dyson, however, isn't looking that far ahead. His focus is purely on the Bombers.

"It's always tough against Hervey Bay, and it will be a bit weird playing in Bundaberg, but I'm preparing for a lot of running,” Dyson said.

"I expect it to be a bit of a tough game. It will be physical, it will be aggressive - both teams want to play in the grand final and we're not going to give it to them.”