A third more brown snakes being caught on Fraser Coast

EASTERN brown snakes are the world's second most venomous snake - and there may be five slithering around your property.

Experienced snake catcher Roy McGrath has caught 54 brown snakes since September - a 33% increase on recent years.

He also said there were juvenile brown snakes in suburbia.

"They're hatching everywhere," he said.

The baby brown snakes are small and thin, meaning then can easily slide under doors.

Once the mother lays a clutch of between 15 and 19 eggs she will leave and let them incubate themselves.

Only 25% will survive but when they do hatch, they will disperse to the slimmest crevices in the hunt for food.

"They go looking for skinks in the garden - that's what they'll initially eat and as they grow and mature they'll pick off field mice," Mr McGrath said.

First-aid experts advise that if you're bitten by any snake, don't wash the bite - the venom may need to be identified.

Put a compression bandage on and keep as still as possible.