This Gladstone teen, who's parents prefer not to be named, has been a victim of severe mental and physical bullying.
This Gladstone teen, who's parents prefer not to be named, has been a victim of severe mental and physical bullying. Paul Braven GLA070217BULLY

'Easy target': Severely bullied Gladstone girl forced from school

SHE is only 13-years-old and this Gladstone girl has already fallen victim to levels of abuse that most people are lucky to go a lifetime without experiencing.

Other than her family, she says she feels alone.

A victim of severe physical and emotional bullying, the teen was forced out of a Gladstone high school and turned away from another, mum Melissa Wilson claimed.

Mrs Wilson said she and husband Glenn made the decision to put their daughter's safety first and unenrol her from a Gladstone high school, only to be turned away from the only other feasible and financially available option, as they lived out of the school's catchment zones.

The family said they don't know what to be more disappointed in.

A Gladstone teenager who has been a victim of schoolyard bullying sits with her mum Melissa Wood.
Gladstone teen with mum Melissa Wilson. Paul Braven GLA070217BULLY

One; their daughter's former school's "lack of care" towards the bullying encountered.

Or two; the other Gladstone school's "stonewalling" in not allowing her to enrol, as the family lived out of its catchment zone.

Both schools have been contacted by The Observer to respond to the claims.

Mrs Wilson claims the abuse towards her daughter started last year when she was in Year 8.

She claimed it began when messages with her name were scrawled on objects at the school, calling her a sl** and telling her to kill herself. Then came death threats, cyber bullying, stalking, phone calls and more, her mother said.

Ms Wilson claimed it also got physical, with the bullies pushing her.

At one point Mrs Wilson said her daughter was rushed at from behind, punched in the head and pushed into a gutter while walking home from school.

Formal complaints were made to the police, however, Mrs Wilson was told given the girl's ages there was little to be done.

When asked why she thought her daughter was the victim of bullying, Mrs Wilson said her daughter was new to Gladstone as a teenager, and didn't have many friends, having moved from Gracemere.

She said her daughter was an easy target, quiet and small for her age.

"It got to the point where I was making weekly visits and phone calls to the school, because my daughter would call me crying, saying she was stressed and scared to be there," Mrs Wilson said.

"I would ring the principal and tell him what was happening, and my daughter would be sent to the counsellor's office."

"But she ended up spending more time in that office than she did in the classroom and as a result she went from being a good student to having bad grades. "Sometimes she would be scared to leave school so (the principal) would walk her down to the gate and wait with her for me to pick her up.

"My daughter, the victim, suffered. And the bullies didn't have to face any consequences."

With other schools in the region not an option, the family have pulled their daughter from the public schooling system, and enrolled her to study distance education (home-school).

This means Mrs Wilson will not only be a mother to three, but also a teacher.

"I'll have to give up nursing, and working," she said.

"It's either we home-school her or we move towns, and then my husband wouldn't have his job.

"We have no options, we have tried everything, contacted and arranged meetings with both schools and have been turned away.

"We have even contacted the Department of Education Queensland, but had no luck there either."

The Observer has contacted the Department of Education and Training Queensland to query whether under extreme circumstances, school catchment zones can be voided, if a family has no other option.

Additionally, the department was asked what responsibility public schools have in ensuring students are safe from bullying, but they had not responded by 5pm yesterday.