Easy to do hard time in Alice

ALICE Springs' newest evening entertainment got off to a flying start on Saturday night when the first guests converged on the local jail, Alice Springs Gaol for the inaugural Evenings in Alice - Scandalous Crimes.

Evenings in Alice is a progressive dinner with a difference. And Scandalous Crimes is ideal for amateur sleuths to investigate the criminal activities of the town through the people who broke the law and those who upheld it.

"The prisoners' were let loose in the jail and had a fantastic night of madcap fun trying to escape and fool Superintendent Muldoon, his tireless wife, Matron Muldoon, and the prison guards," said Kathy Graham, owner of SEIT Outback Australia, which is coordinating Evenings in Alice.

"Come along and enjoy a night of laughter, mystery, entertainment and good food," said Kathy Graham.

"You and your friends are not limited to Scandalous Crimes - you may choose to share the night with the Infamous Miss Pink reliving the colourful reign Olive Pink had over Alice Springs last century."

Evenings in Alice takes place on Thursdays with Evenings in Alice - Infamous Miss Pink, a night with the indomitable Olive Pink, botanist, anthropologist and champion of Aboriginal rights whose outrageous actions will entertain and amuse.

No matter which Evening in Alice you select you will transported to another time and place in Alice Springs to spend the night dining with some of the town's amazing and spirited characters and learn about the stories and people who have shaped the nature of this community. 

"Evenings in Alice is a chance for locals and visitors to have some fun, enjoy good food and convivial company while learning more about the adventures and fortunes of some of Alice Springs most colourful characters," Mrs Graham said.

"We plan to build on these first two Evenings in Alice with other themed events that expose more of the stories of our town and the characters will lived, worked and loved here."

The night starts at 6.30pm and includes transport, a two-course dinner, beverages and entertainment.

For more info visit SEIT Outback Australia.

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