Ed Sheeran often goes to his local Tesco and buys a
Ed Sheeran often goes to his local Tesco and buys a "s**t load of beer" but he doesn't get recognised that often because he hides in the store. Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran's boozy supermarket sweep

ED Sheeran often goes to Tesco and buys a "s**t load of beer".

While the flame-haired singer has achieved worldwide success following the release of his latest album 'x', pronounced "multiply", the 23-year-old singer manages to avoid people spotting him when he is shopping in the supermarket.

Speaking to Vancity Buzz, he said: "I think the good thing about where I am at the moment with my career is I can really separate it and do the normal stuff, but the stuff I do normally I can do with my friends - go to Tesco and buy a s**t load of beer and have a proper good party.

"I do get recognised at Tesco but the one I go to is a big 24 hour one, doesn't have many people so you can kind of hide."

While he doesn't get recognised all that often in supermarkets, the 'Nina' hitmaker does get spotted when he is out and about with successful boy band One Direction and admits his favourite member to hang out with is Harry Styles.

He added: "I see Harry the most and probably get on with him best just because I see him the most and he was the first one that I met.

"I've known him the longest and we've shared a lot of mutual friends so probably Harry."