Indian Head on Fraser Island where a spear fisherman was killed this weekend
Indian Head on Fraser Island where a spear fisherman was killed this weekend Chris McLennan

EDITORIAL: Local news in times of trauma and trying new tech

Dear readers

When a major event happens on the Fraser Coast, you can expect our local journalists to keep you informed. 

Extensive continued coverage of the shark attack on Fraser Island and stories so far can be viewed below. 

Our thoughts are with the family of the spear fisherman who lost his life. 

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Feedback on our digital platform

As one of the most extraordinary weeks in the history of the Chronicle ends and another begins I'd like to thank everyone who recently joined the thousands already consuming their news on our digital platforms.

I also wholeheartedly appreciate that for some of our loyal readers, the digital experience is proving to be either a steep learning curve or quite different to what you expected.

While we know there is more content available online than there was in print, it's become clear many of our subscribers, particularly those who have joined us for the first time at the point the Chronicle stopped printing, believed that when they logged on this week they would be looking at something which still looked like a newspaper - not a news website.

When we ceased to print, there was no longer a paper being designed each day, and it was believed people would want to consume stories from the website the way 99% of readers were already doing

Many of you have told us you believe the company should have explained that better. We accept that. We also understand some of our readers don't want a digital experience which doesn't still involve news of the day and other regular features curated into flipbook form and we're fixing it.

I want everyone who has taken the time to email/call/Facebook message me about this to know I have heard every one of you.

We are assured readers can expect a Digital Edition within the month. Now, at this point I can hear the chorus of (wait, didn't they tell us only days ago that this would be sorted in a fortnight?) and the answer is this -we're told the version in development did not match all the needs listed in the extensive feedback we've been receiving and as a result, the new DPE is being reinvented to ensure readers get print staples they have been asking for, including TV programming.

While we eagerly await the new product, all of our content can be viewed on the Chronicle website (Screenshot of what the homepage looks like below)

The Chronicle websites home page
The Chronicle homepage Christian Berechree

We've also put together a guide on how to navigate this site (Click here to read guide)  It includes answers to frequently asked questions and the best contact details for queries about subscriptions, death notices, letters to the editor and more. The is best viewed on the website rather than the app. 

If you're a regular reader of these editor newsletters you'd be familiar with the line "we'd like to thank you for supporting local journalism".

Every Chronicle team member still here on the ground not only means that - they believe in what they do.

We still want you to keep the feedback coming and we look forward to do all we can to cater to the needs of our readers, particularly those who have supported us for so many years.

Thank you

Jessica Grewal 



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