WATCH: Catch up on Fraser Coast state election debates

UPDATE: Catch up on the Hervey Bay election debate below.

As mentioned at the end of this debate, One Nation candidate Damian Huxham lost connection in the final minute and as a result, missed the chance to deliver his closing speech. This has been printed at the foot of this page in the interest of fairness. *




IT'S the most important state election since war time and for the first time, the people we pick will remain in power for four years. 

That's why the Chronicle is committed to giving Fraser Coast voters the chance to hear from the candidates who want you to choose them on October 31. 

Like the Chronicle, our debates went digital this year. 

These exclusive live-streamed forums are among the 40 which will are being held across the state.

The Chronicle is partnering with the Courier Mail and Sky News and News Queensland's extensive network of regional titles to deliver the most comprehensive election coverage across the state - starting today with debates in Maryborough and Hervey Bay.

The election comes amid a COVID-induced recession, with issues like jobs, infrastructure and community safety expected to be at the top of the agenda across the state.

Queensland's future will be decided on October 31.
Queensland's future will be decided on October 31. File image

Replay: Maryborough live debate: Candidates go head-to-head ahead of 2020 QLD election


*See the closing speech from Hervey Bay's One Nation candidate Damian Huxham below as discussed at top of page.

"Thank you Jessica, Steven and Stuart and thank you for having me on tonight.

"I'll close in letting you all know, that I may not have all the answers to all our questions but I do have an open door policy and I do believe everyone has something to offer and if elected I will constantly be seeking public feedback, for input, ideas, projects and ways to make our region the envy of Queensland and release us from the major party stranglehold that is choking our regions.

"We have shovel-ready projects to stimulate our local economy post-Covid and we have a long term vision of projects that will stimulate, grow and sustain Hervey Bay for decades and future generations to come.  I'm not offering Inner west Brisbane marginal seat cross river rail projects but if elected and we hold the balance of power in QLD, Hervey Bay will become the crown jewel of electorates in QLD.  Finally, we will see money thrown at our region from either major party, to enable them to form government that requires our support and that's when all our projects and wish list items can become reality for Hervey Bay. We will be announcing them after the election is called.

"With unemployment figures so high we need to act now, to create opportunity and to encourage people to want to come here and set up a family with the confidence that they'll have every opportunity for comfortable stable employment. That's why on October 31st I'm asking for your support to become your elected member and be your voice in parliament."