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Electrician risks his employees' jobs with drug stash

A ROCKHAMPTON electrician put his business and his employee's jobs at risk with a stash of steroids, testosterone and ecstasy, a court was told.

Dean Andrew Fielding, 45, yesterday pleaded guilty in Rockhampton Magistrates Court to seven charges of possessing dangerous drugs and one of possessing syringes.

The court heard that recording a conviction for the electrician would lead to eight employees losing their jobs.

Fielding was charged after police searched his Frenchville home on February 7 at 9.30am.

During the search, police found steroids and testosterone in a beach bag in the bedroom wardrobe, two unopened bottles of steroid tablets hidden in a protein powder container and clear liquid in a fridge door.

They also found 25 green pills, a clip seal bag containing one gram of yellow powder, and one yellow pill.

Tests revealed the pills and powder were ecstasy with 4.2g of 12.7g pure substance.

Defence lawyer Lachlan Ygoa-McKeown said Fielding held a labour hire approval licence which required he not have any drug-related convictions.

He said at the time of the raid, Fielding did not have a legal reason for having the testosterone but had since got a prescription from a GP to have it injected by a nurse.

Mr Ygoa-McKeown said Fielding's hip, which had been injured in an accident when he was young, had deteriorated recently.

"The testosterone and other related items were for use in relation to body image and muscle issues after the accident," he said.

Mr Ygoa-McKeown said Fielding, a father of two, was supported in court by his fiancee.

Fielding, who had no criminal history, was ordered to pay a $2500 fine and no conviction was recorded.