Fraser Coast councillor Anne Maddern.
Fraser Coast councillor Anne Maddern. Carlie Walker

ELECTRICITY: Rubbish finding new use in Maryborough

RUBBISH is finding a brand new use in Maryborough.

Two thousand Fraser Coast homes are being powered thanks to electricity generated from methane gas from Maryborough's Saltwater Creek landfill site.

The generator is a joint venture between the council and resource recovery contractor LGI, Fraser Coast councillor Anne Maddern said.

Under the project, the council provided access to its landfill sites in Maryborough and Hervey Bay and LGI provided the equipment to tap the methane gas and generate the electricity.

Decomposing waste in landfills produce the gas, which is a mixture of about half methane and half carbon dioxide.

Both the council and LGI share in the profits.

In March this year, power generation was the highest ever recorded at the Maryborough landfill.

"For council, the profits offset the costs of operating our waste operations across the region," Cr Maddern said.

"The total energy export of 764MWhrs was enough to power 2000 homes for the month, based on the energy use of a typical Ergon employer."

The site is expected to generate power for the next 30 years.

"We are expecting more power to be generated as the new cells come on line as the landfill site fills," Cr Maddern said.

"At present all of the filled cells have been tapped and pipework is being laid as the new cells are being filled.

"Over time there might be an opportunity to add a second generator as the Saltwater Creek site continues to expand."