Email access needs explanation from Fraser Coast mayor

LETTER: The revelation last week that the Fraser Coast Regional Council mayor has had secret access to the email account of the CEO, I believe requires a detailed explanation from the mayor to the community.

He might wish to provide this through the paper.

Questions he might wish to address can include, how did he get access to the CEOs emails?

How does the mayor reconcile his behaviour with the requirement of the State Government to work to improve the working relationship between himself and the CEO?

COUNCIL: What's on the agenda for Wednesday's meeting?

How does the mayor reconcile his behaviour with the privacy policy of the council, and the act it is founded on?

Did he or will he require access to other councillors', or senior managers' email accounts now or in the future?

In the interest of balance and transparency, would the mayor be prepared to give the Chronicle free access to his email account for a week of its choosing?

To the remaining councillors and two state representatives, do you support this behaviour?

Is this in line with your values?

This behaviour cannot go unanswered unless there is a compelling justification (and I cannot think of any).

If not, this must be referred back to the State Government for its review.


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