We've all had a moment like this.
We've all had a moment like this. Supplied

Embarrassing terrorism mix-up on quiz show

WHAT should have been an easy question turned into a seriously cringe-worthy situation when a contestant on a quiz show confused Obama with bin Laden.

Evan Kaufman made the embarrassing blunder on US quiz show The $100,000 Pyramid, where contestants have to give clues from a question they are presented with to a celebrity partner.

Evan was paired with actor and comedian Tim Meadows and managed to get through the first two rounds without incident, but it all went down hill when he was given the subject "People Whose Last Name is Obama."

Now the obvious hint you would give is Obama or Michelle, right? You could even go for Sasha Malia if you wanted to show off your Obama family knowledge.

In the video Evan can be seen reading the question very carefully and taking a deep breath before saying "bin Laden". After a long pause and a very confused look from Meadows he corrects himself and says Barack.

The clip quickly gained major attention online, which prompted Evan to take to Twitter to explain what actually happened.

In a series of tweets he explained that he has a two week old son and hasn't really slept much and when the question came up he just had a total mind blank.

It's hard not to feel a bit sorry for him but in the end he walked away with $8500 ($AU11,700) so there is a silver lining.