'Going to burn': Brother's threat to sibling doused in fuel

A MAN poured petrol over his sister and held a lighter in front of her face, telling her he was "going to burn her."

Although he didn't follow through with the threat after the sister pleaded for her life, the man then went on to do the same thing to their brother, who was also in the house at the time.

The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was unable to get into his brother's room and he was arrested after his sister rushed outside and screamed for neighbours to call police.

The terrifying events on the morning of April 22 last year stemmed from "unresolved family trauma" as a result of their father's alleged sexual abuse.

An Ipswich court was told the man's chilling actions were a result of him needing to "end the cycle" and quell a "sickness" in the family.

The man appeared in Ipswich District Court and pleaded guilty to six domestic violence offences, including four counts of assault, and one of break and enter and torture.

The 40-year-old has spent the past 453 days in custody.

The court heard the defendant, as the eldest child, had escaped the sexual abuse of his father but had long carried with him a sense of regret and guilt and felt his siblings had blamed him for 'abandoning' them.

On the night of April 21 last year, he was invited for a night out at the Orion Hotel in Springfield by his brother and sister, with whom he had little contact.

It was then that he learned his brother had been sexually abused by their father, a fact he was unaware of until that night.

While on the way home from the hotel at 2am, the defendant got into an argument with his brother about their family issues and he shoved his younger brother, trying to push him to the ground.

He then grabbed him around the neck and pulled him into a bear hug, constricting his breathing.

A stranger separated the pair and the defendant and his siblings went their separate ways.

The court was told the heavily intoxicated man later phoned his sister asking about his keys, but she couldn't find them, which angered him further.

In a phone call to another of his brothers, the defendant said he had been "f***ed over" by their siblings and he needed to kill and burn them.

At 5.20am he bought fuel and a lighter from a service station and went to the siblings' Camira home, entering via the unlocked front door.

He first entered his sister's room, pouring petrol over her body, head and bed before waking her up by hitting her on the back.

She awoke to him holding a lighter over her and saying "this sickness needs to end now".

He told her he had already poured petrol over the pair's car.

The man turned the lighter off after she pleaded with him not to go through with it. He proceeded downstairs to his brother's room, but the door was locked.

The defendant's sister sent a text message to her mother to call police and then ran outside to yell for help from neighbours.

He was heard saying "we all need to die" to "end the cycle".

Police arrested the 40-year-old, who was so intoxicated he was unable to be interviewed.

Defence barrister Justin Thomas said the man was plagued by his father's abuse.

He felt his family had blamed him for not doing anything to stop it even though he made a complaint at age 21.

Judge Dennis Lynch QC said it was "no doubt incredibly frightening" for his brother and sister.

He was sentenced to four years in prison, suspended immediately, and he was placed on a two-year probation order.