The print edition of the Fraser Coast Chronicle has been relaunched.
The print edition of the Fraser Coast Chronicle has been relaunched.

Enjoy the new-look print edition of the Chronicle

EDITORIAL: I hope you enjoy the fresh new look in Monday's print edition of the Chronicle and its extra new content.

The relaunch has come about after a series of surveys and feedback from readers about what they want to see in the paper every day.

The Fraser Coast Chronicle is dedicated to breaking strong local news, and representing our community.

Our new format allows for even more local faces and strong, interesting stories as well as all the handy little extras such as community notices.

Plus, there is a revamped letters page that now includes more content from our readers, including website comments, Facebook posts and text messages.

The additional pages not only make it a bigger and better-value read, but also provide space for sections focusing on everything from technology, gaming and gadgets to business, health, food and family life.

These exciting new sections are being offered as a direct result of reader surveys, telling us you want more quality Fraser Coast content and in-depth features.

We know local news will always be your priority and it's ours too, but we're also responding to the lifestyle content we know many of you would like to see more of.

So, during the week, make sure you look out for some of our great offerings such as expanded Easy Eating and Smarter Shopping sections, and a new gardening page on Saturdays.

Our Domain real estate section will also move to Saturday's edition, so you can now relax with a weekend cuppa while browsing the beautiful homes around the region.

While Saturday's paper price is set to rise by 10 cents, the price will remain the same at $1.20 for Monday to Friday, and we're confident we're giving you better value every day of the week.

As always, we welcome your feedback, so please let us know what you think of your revamped paper by either emailing us via or texting us on 0418 717 209.