Maryborough Courthouse. Photo: File.
Maryborough Courthouse. Photo: File.

‘Enough is enough’: Magistrate warns alleged bike thief

A MARYBOROUGH magistrate has warned a woman arrested in connection with the alleged theft of a push bike that she needed to clean up her act.

Magistrate Terry Duroux made the comment Tuesday when listening to the bail application made on behalf of Jodie Lee Wells.

Miss Wells is facing one charge of stealing, one of trespassing and another of wilful damage in connection with the alleged theft of the push bike earlier this month.

Miss Wells is also facing a charge on fare evasion for allegedly failing to pay a cab driver.

Duty lawyer Travis George sat with Miss Wells at the Maryborough watch house where she was being held in custody.

Mr George said she used the push bike because she had somewhere to go and had every intention of returning it.

“She never returned the bike because the complainant chased her and she became fearful,” Mr George explained.

Mr George argued his client had accommodation to return to if released from custody.

The court also heard Miss Wells had a history of mental illness.

“You could previously describe her as being reliably unreliable but she is coping much better now that she is receiving medication,” Mr George said.

Mr Duroux said the alleged offences might seem harmless but they were serious to the victims.

He granted Miss Wells bail and instructed her to report to the Maryborough watch house three times a week.

“Should you do anything that lands you in court again, ask your lawyer what the prospects of bail would be. Enough is enough,” Mr Duroux warned.

The matter returns to court on July 21.