Alan Turner (left) has turned his life around with the support of Power Station trainer Terence Darby. Picture: Zizi Averill
Alan Turner (left) has turned his life around with the support of Power Station trainer Terence Darby. Picture: Zizi Averill

Epiphany that inspired an incredible transformation

ALAN Turner's epiphany came on an inflatable jungle gym.

He was chasing his then five-year-old son, trying in vain to keep up with the ­energetic pocket rocket.

When he finally got off the gym, out of breath, he said to his wife, "that's it, time for a change".

In February 2018, Mr ­Turner began training with Power Station's Terence Darby. Since then he dropped from 105kg to 77kg before ­beginning strength and ­conditioning workouts to get up to 84kg.

His stress levels have ­reduced dramatically since changing his lifestyle; even the everyday strain of ­running a company has become easier to manage.

"When you're doing your strength training you're more focused on the positive things, and I use that in my day to day business," he said.

"Before I didn't take any time for myself, it was just business, business, business.

"I was eating on the run and all the wrong foods at the wrong times. I took a step back and thought if I keep going down that road I'm going to have a heart attack.

"The first big step is ­acknowledging that."

An Australian study by University of Southern Queensland senior research fellow Dr Jason Bennie found links between improved mental health and adding in one strength workout into an individual's weekly routine.

It was something Power Station owner Mr Darby knows all too well.

His youth and teenage years were fraught with family and lifestyle complexities, and set him on a trajectory that, looking back, concerned him. But in exercise he found a focus.

"I had a different focus, my focus wasn't being out and hanging out with the boys. I had a focus on going to work, going to the gym and ­prepping my meals," Mr Darby said.

"It kept me away from going out to nightclubs or hanging out with the wrong crew and getting up to ­mischief. It did me great wonders. Once I saw a change in my body I thought 'I can't ­believe I did this' and it was addictive after that."

Aside from the endorphin release that came with the workout, Mr Darby said it was a matter of motivation and confidence.

He said after 15 years in the fitness industry he was still learning about his own routine and his clients had taught him there were ­numerous ways strength ­exercises impacted an ­individual.

"People use the gym for all sorts of reasons, like break ups and relationships," Mr Darby said.