Allan Reinikka

Power restored to 1100 Maryborough homes

IT ONLY took one small electrical fault to cause more than 1000 Fraser Coast residents to lose power this morning.

At 4.01am on Thursday, the power was unexpectedly cut from 1100 homes in Maryborough's CBD. Dundathu, Island Plantation, and St Helens.

The Maryborough CBD streets included Woodstock, Pallas, Tooley and Ella Street.

According to an Ergon Energy spokesman, crews started work to restore the power straight away.

"All it can take is one fault to cut power to a big area," the spokesman said.

"What [Ergon does] is isolate the fault and go from there."

Power was restored to all but 284 homes near Maryborough's CBD by 6.40am.

At 8.45am, all homes were up and running again.