Editorial: Events offer fine fillip for local coffers

Editorial: WHAT a great problem to have - too many visitors, an estimated 7000.

While it might be frustrating for people searching to find beds when the Queensland Touch Junior State Cup, Maryborough Music Conference and the Street Life festival coincide, tourism and accommodation providers will be getting those tills ringing at last.

Local shop, cafe and restaurant owners will be grinning too.

If each of these visitors spends $500 over the course of their stay, that's a cool $3.5 million added to the books.

The only problem of course, is that we want them to come back. If they can't find a place to stay, they might not feel welcome next time their event rolls around.

It's not ideal to have so many major events coincide - but many of these major cups and conferences have to be booked around other events across the state, not just what is happening on the Fraser Coast. There are only so many weekends available, after all.

A bit of planning goes a long way, and that's something both organisers and visitors will need to remember for next year.

In the meantime, well done to the enterprising folks who've rented out their spare rooms. I hope you make your guests welcome!